Artist Statement

When I was in elementary school I would finish my quizzes with time to spare.  The top of the pages became my mini-art canvas.  I would draw all over the tops and corners of my paper.  My teachers would write, “Brian, great job on the quiz but please watch the doodling.”  I was like why would anyone comment on a doodle if I did so well on a quiz? 

Of course, I didn’t think of it as a doodle but as self-expression or what has now become my art.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or thinking about painting, and this creative fire has never stopped. 

I earned my fine arts and graphic arts design degree in 1985 from Morgan State University, completing all of  my course work in 1981 (long story), and then worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in South Norwalk, Connecticut with my company named "Rags-a-tizing".  

I spent 14 years being a graphic artist, compugraphic typesetter, and production artist.  Across my career, I have completed design and advertising projects for schools, museums, community agencies, small business owners, and corporations.  

I also enjoy the field of psychology. I have earned my masters (1998) and doctorate in clinical psychology in 2000, another life achievement was being selected as the “Outstanding Student in Art” award, in the early 1980s, nominated by the art professors at Morgan.  

Much of my work lives at a cross section of fantasism and realism.  I strive to achieve this intersection by using bold graphics, bold colors, and accentuated features.  Some of my subjects may appear as caricatures, although my intention is not to mock but rather to draw your attention to how caricatures often rely on racist, and even, more harmful, subliminal conscious processes.

In my life as writer, artist, and community organizer, I explore the meaning of how we make sense of the known and unknown.  One aim is to creative a subjective, reflective state for my viewer so that they can unravel how they understand their own perceptions of "race",  "gender",  "gender binaries" and "sexual orientation".  My work is intended to be fun yet serious, graphic yet sublime, obvious but intricate.

As I continue to live at and within these intersections, sometimes by choice and other times by fleeing all forms of social domination, I have come to know these psychological crevices and canyons well.  

I have survived them -- and am still able to hold fragments of wonder, creative force, mystery, humor, even in the face of despair.

The Face of Soul, 24 x 30, $20,000 USD

The Face of Soul, 24 x 30, $20,000 USD