Ground of Being

Ground of Being


The original is part of a private collection.  I created this art (2015) using acrylic paint with black marker (mixed media).

I first painted the blocks of color and then later created the faces by following my color blocks and then I created the faces. I juxtapose skin color in my art work (for example, the color of the woman's neck is the same color of the man's face) but I also unite the two of them through the use of this color. I do this, in part, to question how much emphasis we often place on skin color, and phenotype. I unite both of them because they both are "looking at someone outside of the frame" I reference our persistent survival and sometimes struggle with having to deal with what bell hooks and others have written about "oppositional gaze".

The background is Chicago and it is summer as referenced by the sailboat in the bottom left corner. Then the viewer has to ask why is the African American woman in the foreground wearing a scarf, hat and so covered up. Here I am referencing all of the ways that African American women have to protect themselves from all of the elements, incumbent in urban life.

Celebrating black history all year long...a lot of my work is psychological in nature. 

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